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Apr 27, 2011

don't want an ending

#nowplaying don't want an ending.

eh this is blog. not twitter.
so i can write more than 140 characters. hihi.
ermm got nothing to do.
i'm bored.
my brother forced me to sit in the room,
because he wants to study.
haaaihh.. -.-'
ohh just now
my brother forced me, again.
to go print somethng for him,
so i did as he said.
he said 'copy that folder and print all'
i was like what the?
banyakkkk gilaaa okay!
he said just go, and the cc guy will know what to do.
so i went to the cc near my house(cc that my bro said ada kat situ)
but turnout there was no cc there.
and i drove to taman mesra
because i dont know anywhere else to go
and its raining, so many cars (its 7pm at that time)
my hands are shaking
because of cold and i was soo afraid.
im not a pro driver mind you.
so i acted cool and drive like a pro. hahaha.
then when i arrived,
the cc guy said,
'eh pendrive ni takleh bkak?'
i was like wthhh?
you are not gonna make me go back home and bring the laptop or sumthng!
i was practically begging that guy
to help me and he did!
alhamdulillah dia dpt bkak.
my fon was out of crdts to call my bro,
and i have only 20bucks in my wallet.
so i went to topup first.
then come back to the cc.
i was pissed because my bro did not specifically said what i should print.
i told that guy, print all.
the cc guy look like i was completely crazy.
he said, dik, byk ni dik.
tgk ni 1 file je dah 90pages
next is 90 also.
i was like, arghh.
okay i called my bro.
he said print all the notes. haaa easy right if u had told me in the first place.
heshh. i print half of it. (ink habes okay)
then i ask, 'abg, bape eh sume ni?'
'abg tu kata 62pages, 1 50sen.'
I was like :O
'bang, discount ahh' *mase ni dah kira duit dlm wallet cukup x*
dia kata, ok 20 jelah dik. *masih fikir lagi cukup tak*
oh shoot!
i just spend 10bucks on tpop and left with 10bucks!
erkkkk.. i said dgn muka tahan malu and tersipu sengih mcm hapeee.
saya pegi cucuk jap eh. hahaha..
okay lps tu takde ah apa sgt.
moral dia takde apa sbnr nya. haha.
saya marah sgt mungkin sbb pms.
dan kesian abg tuh. tp dia baik.
siap nk ngorat lagi. haha.
boleh pulak aku tgh marah ckp dlm tepon
dia tgk wallet aku ada gmbr aku.
and ckp, eh nk tgk gmbr.
aku dah huhh? eshh ngarot. aku tutup ah gmbr dgn tgn aku.
tp rmbut dia cool, outfit pn cool!
haha, rmbut mcm bob marley pastu pkai kain pelekat.
cool kan? hahaha mula mula aku tak rs nk gelak sbb marah kan,
then dah cool down sikit,
aku gelak je tgk abg tuhh.. ahhaha..
marah tp mase otw blk,
aku rs nk gelak je,
sebab, kenapa aku marah sgt?
kenapa aku kelam kelibut sgt?
aku kejar apa? awal lagi.
mase otw blk lum pkul8 pn. haha.
rs mcm nk pegi singgah mane mne mkn cendol pulak mse tu.
tp dah mlm mne ade cendol, ice cream ke. hujan takkan ice cream.


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