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Dec 20, 2012

stalker terhebat

tak sangka lah blog tak seberapa ni ada stalker jgk.
siap baca smpai 1st post lg. amboii. 
pembaca setia betol.
pastu dok malukan org. eeee
terima kasih lah encik Salwan.
sebab baca blog nih smpai habis. 
terima kasih sbb tekun sgt baca blog ni.
terima kasih jugak dgn segala bahan2 awk sume. 
so post ni untuk awak Salwan! hewhew.

our 1st picture together. hihi gedik.
fav pic of all. haha.
mse nih dia taktahu org memang nk amek gmbr ngn dia. gedik lg. hewhew.
byk kenangan gmbr ni. ermm ermm
well, you remember it and i remember it very well.
so nothing much to say.

well, tgmbr ni fav jgk. hihi.
thank you awak. 
for everything.
you are the best listener, best friend, best boyfriend.
thank you for being such a best partner in crime.
dah battery laptop nk hbis.
mls tulis pnjg2, kang kembang. :P

Jul 22, 2012

Happy Fasting!

its the 2nd day of Ramadhan.
sedih sbb rak dpt puasa.
1st day tried to puasa but after subuh, muntah2.
2nd day pn try smpai pkul 9 after that perut sebu.
harap2 esk blh puasa. 
feeling better. 
even puasa pn mkn kne pantang.
ya Allah tahankan aje diri dr nk mkn siput sedut,buah maggis,air tebu,roti john
n juadah2 buka puasa org lain. ya Allah sungguhh terseksa.
dorg ckp i have to pantang at least 2-3months until my ulcer heal.
how can i resist all the food?
plus, raya is coming less than a month.
mcm mna nk pantang mase raya? ya Allah.
may Allah ease the rest of Ramadhan for me.
i just want to get better.
its been almost 6-7 months. every 3weeks i'll be in the hospital,at least.
may Allah ease everything. Amin.

happy fasting everyone! :')

p/s: thank you friends and family. thank you booster for your motivation and positive words. may Allah bless all of you. i love you! 

Jun 22, 2012

blog bio

someone asks me to change my blog bio. haha
 he said it was supposed to be like this.
"Aishah Zulkifli. 21. I'm the girl who sleeps at night with a smile on her face, but will cry herself in the morning"
the reason he said this was.
i will always sleep while texting, every night. *i will not reply his text of course*
and i will read and reply the text in the morning. haha
honestly, i'll say, i sleep at night and wakes up in the morning with a smile on my face because at least i got a good morning text everyday. haha :) sorryyy Aaron Aziz. kehkehkeh

memory stays

fuyoo. overview blog tros naik.
ni msti Aaron Aziz pnye keje stalk blog ni kan. haha
okayh. nk cte benda lain.
i just read my ex schoolmate's blog.
he mentioned about him lepaking with our ex classmates.
and how he remembered our school days.
my school days wasn't that fun but i still miss school days.
i missed my classmates, my schoolmates.
how i wish we all can reunite again.
reunion? hurmm we did try to do reunion but.
only a few showed up for the reunion.
i hope this raya we all can gather like we used to do every year.
oh fadli-linda's wedding turned to be a small gathering for us.

tkde gmbr classmates lain. :(
 dkt kamera lain2 ada lah kot.
credits to shikin for the photos.
i missed saas so muchh! muahmuah :*

Jun 20, 2012

Adam Mikhael

i have this habit of cursing while i'm driving. so,

me: shitt, this car bla bla bla.
adam: maksu, dont say that. its a bad word.
me: ok sorry adam.

a few mins past.

me: shoot silap jalan!
adam: ish maksu, again. apa lah maksu ni.
me: ok adam ok. -,-

the third time, i was telling my sister a story.
 bla bla bla mampos bla bla.

adam: maksu, mampos is also bad word. mampos means dead, dont say it. ish maksu. nnt daddy marah.
me: -________-"