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Aug 4, 2011

frustration and resentment

i dont know how to say this. i haven't been blogging since like forever as you all may know. haha. got no time well actually i have plenty of time but i just dont feel like to blog anything. but today i'm gonna flood you guys with all my frustration and resentment with what people had done to me these past few months. before that, i'm not that good in writing in english but still i wanna write in english. so mind you. ignore all the grammar or what so ever okayh.. ( as if people are reading this) okayh back to the story. i had a hard time for the last few months. all thnks to the people i thought i could count on to. but unfortunately he made things more complicated. how would you feel if someone you care ignore you and treat you like you guys were never been friends but like seriously. you guys have been friends not that long but what can you say you guys have been contact each other every single day you guys tell each other your story and then suddenly puff you ignore the person who was there when nobody else was. what were you thinking dude? you have your life back in track now, good for you then. at least give me a reason why you did this but you didn't. you just left and i never heard from you again. ermm okayh 'terkilan' with what you did. now, people are talking you know. and they think that i'm the one who 'perigi carik timba' with you well i'm not. from the beginning, this is what i was afraid of. you and me we have a different life before we know each other. and i know this will happen if we continue to be close with each other. i did told you this and we did discuss this thing but then you said, nahh they wont because we will stay close and be friends with each other even though one of us have bf/gf. but now, look whats going on now? hurmm and also what make me feel even more sad and 'terkilan' is that, you have become someone you said you wont. you did things that you said you wont do. i've warned you not to do the same like what my previous guy friend did to me and you and him are all the same. you knew what i have gone through and you used my weaknesses to bring back your life . and now your life are back in track like i said just now. maybe the life you have now is the life that you are looking for. we had fun, at least i had. i dont know whether you did or not. but you just chose a different path to move on, i hope you are happy with your decision now. i'm just gonna go with my own path and see karma slaps you in the face. and karma did slap you in the face right? i may say, serve you right dear. since the last time we talked, i never heard any sorry or anything from you. at least you could have said you're sorry to me but you didn't. i'm not gonna have any grudge on you but lets just settle this thing in a good way. i know you are a good guy. and plus dude, moved on lah with your ex. come on. its been like months since she left you and what she done to you. haihh.. i'm just saying this as your friend.

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AdaM Al-hakEeM ZuhdI said...

haish.luahan perasaan nie.=,=