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Jun 22, 2012

memory stays

fuyoo. overview blog tros naik.
ni msti Aaron Aziz pnye keje stalk blog ni kan. haha
okayh. nk cte benda lain.
i just read my ex schoolmate's blog.
he mentioned about him lepaking with our ex classmates.
and how he remembered our school days.
my school days wasn't that fun but i still miss school days.
i missed my classmates, my schoolmates.
how i wish we all can reunite again.
reunion? hurmm we did try to do reunion but.
only a few showed up for the reunion.
i hope this raya we all can gather like we used to do every year.
oh fadli-linda's wedding turned to be a small gathering for us.

tkde gmbr classmates lain. :(
 dkt kamera lain2 ada lah kot.
credits to shikin for the photos.
i missed saas so muchh! muahmuah :*

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