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Jul 22, 2012

Happy Fasting!

its the 2nd day of Ramadhan.
sedih sbb rak dpt puasa.
1st day tried to puasa but after subuh, muntah2.
2nd day pn try smpai pkul 9 after that perut sebu.
harap2 esk blh puasa. 
feeling better. 
even puasa pn mkn kne pantang.
ya Allah tahankan aje diri dr nk mkn siput sedut,buah maggis,air tebu,roti john
n juadah2 buka puasa org lain. ya Allah sungguhh terseksa.
dorg ckp i have to pantang at least 2-3months until my ulcer heal.
how can i resist all the food?
plus, raya is coming less than a month.
mcm mna nk pantang mase raya? ya Allah.
may Allah ease the rest of Ramadhan for me.
i just want to get better.
its been almost 6-7 months. every 3weeks i'll be in the hospital,at least.
may Allah ease everything. Amin.

happy fasting everyone! :')

p/s: thank you friends and family. thank you booster for your motivation and positive words. may Allah bless all of you. i love you! 

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